Practice Areas

Practice Areas
So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.
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Immigration Law
You can trust us to help you navigate the twists and turns of immigrating to the United States. We handle your case from start to finish. Whether you just arrived or have been in the United States for decades, we can help you build your best life.
Immigration Law is constantly evolving and requires special diligence to stay in front of the changes. We specialize in the following practice areas:

1. Family based immigration
Helping you bring your family members to join you in the United States.
2. Removal defense
Helping you seek asylum in the United States, mitigate the consequences of time in the United States without permission or mitigate the consequences of criminal charges.
3. Victims of crimes
If you have been the victim of a crime call our office so we can assess if you are eligible for a visa based on being a crime victim.
4. Waivers
Waivers can be complicated and time intensive. We work to quickly compile and organize the documents and prepare the legal brief so USCIS can quickly adjudicate your case.
Family Law
Family law cases are sensitive and powerful. The outcome of a family law case has decades of ramifications. We take very seriously the trust placed in us to help you handle the most difficult time in your life.

We strive to be your advocate and to help you walk away feeling whole. We accept family law cases only if we are comfortable that we can be part of the solution. We limit the number of cases we take at a time to ensure that we can provide the detailed, time intensive, personal care each case deserves. We can help with your divorce, obtain a custody order, amend a child support order, and guardianship petitions.
Criminal Consulting
Padilla V. Kentucky changed the landscape and scope of criminal law practice. Our office maintains a database of criminal statutes and their immigration consequences. We can quickly provide a legal memo of the immigration consequences of your clients criminal conviction. You can also refer you client directly to us and we will provide them with consultation discussing the immigration consequences of their pending criminal charges.

The process is simple, you fill out a one-page demographic/criminal charge info sheet and we email you back a legal memo that is easy to understand. The legal memo will also include alternative charges/pleas which may help you client mitigate the immigration consequences. We never ask for identifying information about the client.

This consultation service is available on a case-by-case basis or an annual subscription based upon your projected case volume. Please call for a quote.
Apellate Law
If you have been left with the feeling that your case was not just we may be able to help. We specialize in ensuring that every criminal defendant’s constitutional rights are protected. We are the leader in the state in obtaining post-conviction relief for our clients.

We may be able to help if you feel that your attorney mishandled your case or if you are unsure why your case ended in the way it did. We specialize in immigration appeals, family law appeals, and constitutional appeals.

We will ensure that you have had every legally available opportunity to defend your case.
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